Neighborhood Disaster Planning

We never think a disaster will strike our neighborhood or at least we hope it won’t! However, it is not a question of if one will happen, but when.

The City of Los Angeles and its partner agencies and organizations have plans and resources ready to help! But, with over 4 million people in the City, rescuers may not be able to provide immediate support to every neighborhood in need. Neighbors should be prepared to help themselves for several days to weeks depending on the size of the disaster.

You Can Build a Neighborhood Disaster Plan in Just 5 Steps! By taking the first step to review this important set of resources, you have already put your neighborhood in a better position to prepare for and bounce back from disaster. Included within this comprehensive resource set you will find:

Just-in-Time Training DVD

Just-in-Time Training DVD
This documentary style short
video provides added
direction in developing a
plan, to include interviews
with actual Angelinos, and
other tips and strategies!
English (with Spanish

Toolkit Overview

Toolkit Overview
This document provides a
brief description of all
resources within the Toolkit.
English Tool Kit Overview Word 
English Tool Kit Overview PDF
Spanish Tool Kit Overview Word
Spanish Tool Kit Overview PDF
Korean Tool Kit Overview Word
Korean Tool Kit Overview PDF

You Can Build a Neighborhood Disaster Plan in Just 5 Steps

 You Can Build a
Neighborhood Disaster
Plan in Just 5 Steps
This is the primary guide. It
outlines a concise
5-step process.
English 5 Step Disaster Plan Word 
English 5 Step Disaster Plan PDF
Spanish 5 Step Disaster Plan Word 
Spanish 5 Step Disaster Plan PDF
Korean 5 Step Disaster Plan Word 
Korean 5 Step Disaster Plan PDF

Facilitator Guide

Facilitator Guide
This resource can be used
by the person who is
facilitating the neighborhood
disaster planning meeting.
English Facilitator Guide Word
English Facilitator Guide PDF
Spanish Facilitator Guide Word 
Spanish Facilitator Guide PDF
Korean Facilitator Guide Word 
Korean Facilitator Guide PDF

Neighbor Survey

Neighbor Survey
Find out which neighbors
might need extra help in a
disaster, and which have
special skills or training that
might be helpful in response!
English Neighbor Survey Word 
English Neighbor Survey PDF
Spanish Neighbor Survey Word 
Spanish Neighbor Survey PDF
Korean Neighbor Survey Word 
Korean Neighbor Survey PDF

 Sample Disaster Plan

Sample Disaster Plan
Need an example? Here is a
Neighborhood Disaster Plan
created by the Montecito
Heights community. Special
thanks to this community for
piloting the program and
sharing their plan.
English PDF

 Plan Template

Plan Template
This file provides a structure
for neighbors to insert
information in to create a
neighborhood disaster plan!
English Plan Template Word 
English Plan Template PDF
Spanish Plan Template Word 
Spanish Plan Template PDF
Korean Plan Template Word 
Korean Plan Template PDF

 Emergency Door Hanger

Emergency Door Hanger
This door hanger should be
utilized after a disaster when
9-1-1 assistance is not
available. Please check back soon.
English Door Hanger PDF -  under revision 
Spanish Door Hanger PDF  -  under revision 
Korean Door Hanger PDF - under revision 

Meeting Reminder Flyer

Meeting Reminder Flyer
This is the template to create
a flyer to remind neighbors
about the neighborhood
disaster planning meeting.
English Meeting Reminder Word 
English Meeting Reminder PDF
Spanish Meeting Reminder Word
Spanish Meeting Reminder PDF
Korean Meeting Reminder Word 
Korean Meeting Reminder PDF


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