Welcome to the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department

Over 4 million residents and more than 400,000 businesses reside within the City of Los Angeles’ 475 square miles. There is no greater responsibility for the City of Los Angeles than to protect the public and ensure that everyone is ready to respond to and recover from a natural or man-made emergency or disaster.

Los Angeles is prone to 13 of 16 possible natural and man-made disasters and threats. The city is particularly vulnerable to the destructive affects of wildfires, flooding, mudslides and earthquakes. Because of the many threats that Los Angeles faces, the importance of readiness as a city and for residents cannot be overstated. The Emergency Management Department (EMD), established by a city ordinance in 2000, is considered the "hub of the wheel" because if manages the city's response to and recovery from an emergency, crisis, disaster or significant event.

The EMD is responsible for the coordination of Los Angeles' emergency planning, training, response and recovery efforts in the midst of  major disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, acts of terrorism and major events in the city that require involvement by multiple city departments. EMD also works with numerous municipalities, state and federal agencies and the private sector. It is involved in numerous outreach, educational and community preparedness activities.

The operation of Los Angeles' state-of-the-art Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is run by the EMD. EOC processes follow the National All-Hazards approach to major disasters. The City of Los Angeles has made readiness a priority in policy and practice. The EMD is at the forefront in advancing those policies and working to make readiness a part of the culture of Los Angeles.  


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