Just for Kids

Kid's View: What's Emergency Management? You're getting ready for school and suddenly your bowl of cereal shakes right off the table! It's an earthquake. How do you stay safe? Or maybe you're done with school, waiting for the bus – and you see a giant cloud of smoke… wildfire! What can you do? A kid can do a lot. To view "A Children's Primer on Emergency Management", click here.

Kid's View: Learn More. Emergencies can make anyone feel lost. When there are lights and sirens and smoke, it can freak out even the toughest kid. That stress is nothing to be worried about – but it's definitely something to talk about. Find out how other kids cope and how you can, too.

Play Beat the Quake Game. First, learn about how to protect yourself during an earthquake. Then test your earthquake skill and knowledge. This is a great game to play with your family and friends.

Grownups: Be kid smart. In an emergency, it can be a challenge for even the sharpest person to keep him or herself together. Children throw in a whole new dimension. Parents, teachers and caregivers need all the resources they can get and EMD can help point them in the right direction.