About EMD

Our Divisions

The Emergency Management Department has five divisions comprised of administrative staff and specialists that work with City departments, municipalities and an array of community-based organizations to ensure that the City and its residents have the resources and information they need to prepare, respond and recover from emergencies, disasters and significant events.

Administrative Services Division

  • Develops, prepares, and administers the annual EOF and EMD budgets
  • Handles all departmental accounting functions including procurement, accounts payable, travel arrangements, time keeping, grant administration and financial reporting
  • Assists EMD management in addressing labor relations issues, resolves personnel matters and facilitates and coordinates the hiring process
  • Serves as the liaison to county, state, federal and local non-profit agencies
  • Provides staff support for the EOB and EMC
  • Chairs the EOO Administrative/Finance Subcommittee

Community Preparedness and Engagement Division

  • Works with neighborhood associations, schools, faith-based organizations and other community groups to promote emergency management
  • Coordinates EOO community outreach programs
  • Participates in fairs, expos and community meetings
  • Publishes and disseminates preparedness information
  • Distribute brochures and other educational material
  • Chairs the EOO Community Preparedness Subcommittee

Operational Readiness Division

The Operations Division is responsible for ensuring the EMD and the City EOC are ready to coordinate and support emergency resoonse activities at all times. It is responsible for ensuring the operational readiness of the City's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and alternate EOC's. This includes:

  • Coordinating EOC activations
  • Ensuring constant readiness for the EOC
  • Staffing, securing access, managing information and maintaining communications systems for all EOC and alternate EOC facilities
  • Public information before, during, and after emergencies

Planning Division

The Planning Division maintains the City's Emergency Operations Plans, coordinates Department Emergency Plans, and consults on department Standard Operating Procedures.

Training and Exercise Division

The Training and Exercise Division develops trainings and exercises to ensure emergency responders in the field and at the EOC are ready to coordinate and support emergency response.