Emergency Operations Organization

Mission Statement

The Emergency Operations Organization centralizes the direction and control of the planning, coordination and management of disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery.

About the Emergency Operations Organization (EOO)

The EOO is the operational department of the City of Los Angeles responsible for the City's emergency preparations (planning, training and mitigation), response and recovery operations. Unique in design, it is a "department without walls" which comprises all agencies of the City's government. It centralizes command and information coordination to enable its unified chain-of-command to operate efficiently and effectively in managing the City's resources.

The EOO was created by ordinance in 1980. At that time, it was the only local government organization of its kind in the United States. Since then, the Los Angeles EOO model has been replicated many times throughout the world.

The City's Emergency Management goal is, in times of crisis, to effectively bring every available resource to bear against the problem. Accomplishing this task requires multifaceted, interdepartmental and inter-agency cooperation and the resolution of complex operational, legal, legislative and administrative issues. The City of Los Angeles is committed to working with local jurisdictions, the state and federal governments, community-based non-profit organizations, private industry, neighborhoods and all Angelenos to ensure that this goal is achieved.

EOO Operational Priorities

The City of Los Angeles has established the following EOO operational priorities:

  • Save lives and protect property.
  • Repair and restore essential systems and services.
  • Provide a basis for direction and control of emergency operations.
  • Provide for the protection, use and distribution of remaining resources.
  • Provide for continuity of government.
  • Coordinate operations with other jurisdictions' emergency service organizations.