27th Street Incident Community Resource Center

Posted on 07/02/2021
27th Street Incident Community Resource Center flyer

27th Street Incident

Community Resource Center

 OPEN Monday, July 19, 2021


Services Available for Residents & Business Owners Impacted by this Incident:

The Community Resource Center will be a location where individuals, families and business owners impacted by the 27th Street Incident can obtain information on services and assistance from government agencies and nonprofits. 


27th Street Community Resource Center

28th Street YMCA

1006 E. 28th St., LA 90011

1 (213) 486-8137

(Answered during hours of operation)



Hours of Operation:

3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. 


Assisting agencies on-site include:

Office of Councilman Curren D. Price Jr., The New 9th District
City Attorney
City Clerk
Mental Health and Wellness Services
2-1-1 / West Valley Crisis Counseling Center
All Peoples Community Center


City, County, State and Non-Profit Resources available for residents to contact as necessary:

City of LA Department of Building and Safety's contact number for property damage related to the incident is routed through MyLA311: 3-1-1

LA City

Office of Councilmember Curren Price, Council District 9 Provide advocacy services for the community

Phone: (323) 846-2651

Website: https://www.the-new-ninth.com/


Refer impacted residents to City and County resources and connect impacted residents  to LA City Department of Building and Safety’s Damage Assessment line (for single family homes) or Housing Community Investment and Development (for multi-unit housing) contact.

Phone: 3-1-1

Website: https://www.lacity.org/myla311

Councilmember Curren Price, Council District Nine

Provide support to the community in various forms, such as housing accommodations and connecting individuals with short/long-term resources.

Phone: (323) 846-2651

Website: https://www.the-new-ninth.com/contact

Address:  District Office, 4301 S. Central Ave., Los Angeles 90011

Department of Aging

Staff will answer inquiries regarding senior services and provide information about departmental offerings.

General Number: 213-482-7252

Statewide Toll-free Number: 800-510-2020

Fax: 213-482-7256

Website:  https://aging.lacity.org/

Department on Disability

Ensure accessible formats for messaging are utilized and people with disabilities are provided equal access to programs, services and activities.

Phone: (213) 202-2764

Website: https://disability.lacity.org/

Los Angeles Department of Public Works

Complete service requests to resolve impacts of damage pertaining to:

  • Sanitation
  • Bureau of Engineering
  • Street Services

Phone: 3-1-1

Website: https://dpw.lacity.org/

Department of Water and Power

Provide assistance in order to resume services.

Phone:  1-800-DIAL DWP (1-800-342-5397)

Website: LADWP.com

Animal Services

Provide shelter information and resources for impacted domestic pets and service animals.

Phone: 888-452-7381 and PRESS 2

Website: https://www.laanimalservices.com/about-us-2/contact-us/

Housing, Community, Investment and Development Department

Assist with damage claims for businesses and multi-unit family homes.

Phone: 1 (866) 557-7368

Website: https://hcidla2.lacity.org/contact-us

Building and Safety

Assist with the provision of damage assessment information for single family homes.

Phone: 3-1-1

Website: https://www.ladbs.org/our-organization/customer-services/contact-us

Economic & Workforce Development Department

Through the California Small Business Development Center, EWDD can provide individualized consulting and resources to impacted businesses.

Phone: (213) 744-7300

Website: https://ewddlacity.org

Los Angeles City Attorney's Office

Provide information regarding the claims filing process.

Phone: (213) 978-8100

Address: City Hall East, Suite 800

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Website: https://www.lacityattorney.org/claims

City Clerk Accept claims for "Damages Forms."

Phone:  (213) 978-1020

Website:  https://claims.lacity.org/Home/BasicClaim

Mayor's Crisis Response Team Crisis Counseling services

Website: https://rb.gy/vhh39k

Bureau of Engineering Accept BOE requests

Phone:  3-1-1

Wesbite: https://rb.gy/vhh39k

LA Sanitation Accept Sanitation requests

Phone: 3-1-1

Website:  shorturl.at/hoBH3

Street Services Accept Street Services requests

Phone:  3-1-1

Website:  https://streetsla.lacity.org/

Emergency Management Department Coordinate City, County, State and Non-profit agencies for assistance to impacted residents

Phone:  (213)  484-4800

Website:  https://emergency.lacity.org/

LA County & State

2-1-1 Provide assistance with connecting residents to LA County services

Phone:  2-1-1

Website:  https://www.211la.org/

LA County Department of Mental Health Crisis counseling  available in person and via phone; Psychiatric services available by appointment

Phone:  1 (800)  854-7771

Website: https://dmh.lacounty.gov/

LA County Department of Public Health 

Health-focused mechanisms are used to engage the community and improve an agency or community’s capability to successfully recover from disasters.

Phone: 2-1-1

Help Desk: phemergdesk@ph.lacounty.gov

Assessor’s Office

Determine if victims are eligible for tax relief if your property is damaged or destroyed by a calamity. 

Phone: (213) 974-3211

Website: https://assessor.lacounty.gov/

Department of Consumer and Business Affairs Provide information on Rent Stabilization Program, Consumer Counseling, and the Office of Small Business

Phone:   (800) 952-5210

Website:  https://www.dca.ca.gov/

Dept. Of Insurance

Provide information on different types of insurance that can help alleviate the financial burdens of rebuilding a home or business, or replacing other material possessions.

Phone: 1-800-927-4357 

Website: http://www.insurance.ca.gov/01-consumers/140-catastrophes/


SoCal Gas Reconnection of services

Phone: 1 (909) 307-7070

Contact: DCampos@socalgas.com

Website:  https://www.socalgas.com/about-us/contact-us

Non-Profit Organizations

LA Region Recovery Organization Hospitality assistance to guests within the Local Assistance Center

Phone:  (818) 835-1174

Website: https://larcro.org/

American Red Cross Assist the City of LA with temporary shelter assistance and food 

Phone:  1 (800) 733-2767 

Website:  https://redcross.org

Salvation Army Offer food, clothing and case management assistance

Phone:   1 (800) 728-7825

Website: https://www.salvationarmyusa.org/usn/

West Valley Counseling Center Provide direct mental health services

Phone:  1 (800) 728-7825

Website:   https://westvalleycounseling.org/

St. John's Medical Clinic Conduct medical evaluations and hearing assessments Phone: (213) 640-8100 or (877) 612-8299

 For more information, please call 3-1-1.