Barrington Fire Virtual Assistance Center

Posted on 01/31/2020
Emergency personnel respond to Barrington Plaza fire.

 Barrington Fire Virtual Assistance Center

A Virtual Assistance Center for residents impacted by the Barrington Fire is available.  Details about the resources available can be found on this page. 




NotifyLA: Emergency Alerts from the City of Los Angeles

City officials urge the public to prepare their homes and have a plan. SIGN UP TODAY to receive Emergency Alerts from the City of Los Angeles!


Find Other Assistance Services

The following agencies are available to assist residents with various needs:

City of Los Angeles Description of Services
Recreation and Parks  -Provide on-site resources and assistance, including childcare for parents visiting the LAC with their children.
Department on Disabilities  -Assist people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs who visit the LAC.
-Provide referrals to service providers for individuals impacted by the fires who may have lost durable medical equipment or had an interruption to services.
City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department -Provide all-hazards disaster preparedness and recovery information.
Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD)  -Answer residents’ questions regarding fire risks and mitigate efforts/steps

-Provide information about precautions to take ahead of rainfall/precipitation.
Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)  -If questions/concerns about burglaries in evacuated areas arise, be on hand to assist with complaints.
Office of the Mayor  - Answer residents’ questions and serve as liaison and representative of Mayor Eric Garcetti.
Mayor’s Crisis Response Team  -Provide residents with mental health counseling when requested, and pertinent information about long-term mental health following the fires.
Council Districts 11 -Answer residents’ questions and concerns, and serve as liaisons back to Council Offices.
Department of Water and Power  -Provide information on billing and charges.
-Coordinate assistance with restoration/repairs to water and power service.
Animal Services  -Provide information about pet health and safety **general information only, no medical advice **
Aging -Provides appropriate information and referrals on applicable/available department services for the seniors.
-Assists older adults and their caregivers with onsite service locations, facility needs, and other resources.
Building and Safety  - Provide assistance with permits and building and safety codes.
Economic & Workforce Development Department  -Provides information on workforce development for individuals and economic development for business owners.
NGOs & Other Description of Services
American Red Cross -Disaster relief referrals, disaster assistance programs.
SoCal Gas -Gas shut-off, gas assistance and safety checks.

Los Angeles County Description of Services
Department of Public Health -Emergency preparedness, safe cleanup after fire, food safety, mental health services, public health services.
Consumer Affairs - Assist residents/businesses with next steps after disaster, preventing price gauging, landlord and tenant rights.
Office of the Assessor - Provide home value assessment information and tax deferment options.
Veterans Affairs -Expedited federal and state veteran benefits.
State Description of Services
California Department of Insurance - Provide residents with information regarding insurance coverage and other.
California Office of Emergency Services -Provide residents with information and guidance regarding safety and preparedness.
United States Small Business Administration (SBA) -Provide small business owners with information regarding government assistance.
Employee Development Department (EDD) - Answers questions about unemployment.
Contractor’s License Board -Consumer protection, regulates construction contractors and provides information on licensed contractors.
Franchise Tax Board -Provides copies of tax returns, personal/
Department of Motor Vehicles -Assists with procuring/reproducing identification documents.
Tax and Fee Administration -Aids non-service businesses that pay sales and use tax with documents, avoiding penalties/fees and tax extensions.


We are pleased to report that the LA Department of Building and Safety and the LA Fire Department have cleared Floors 10-25 of Tower A for re-occupancy effective 8:00 PM tonight.

Residents on these floors are now welcome to return to their homes. Please bring your unit key as well as a photo ID, if available. Residents on these floors that stayed in last night’s hotel accommodations, you are welcome to spend tonight in these hotels if you would prefer to return tomorrow.

We are awaiting additional information on the timing of the re-occupancy of Floors 2-9. For now, residents on those floors will continue to be accommodated in hotels until further word.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to us at 310-479-4191.  Visit for updates from property management.


Barrington Fire Summary & Status

 As of 8:00 P.M. on January 30 2020, floors 10 through 25 are reopened for tenant access. Floor 7 is completely closed (fire floor). Floor 8 residents can have items retrieved by personnel on site. Floors 2 through 6 and floor 9 will be able to be escorted in to personally retrieve items, but will not be able to repopulate.

Ready Your LA Neighborhood

The time to prepare for the next emergency is now! The City of Los Angeles offers an innovative program called Ready Your LA Neighborhood (RYLAN) that brings emergency managers to your neighborhood to help you create a plan for any emergency. 

RYLAN gives you the steps to take immediately after a disaster to help keep you and your family safe.  It provides the tools to prepare and organize your neighborhood to respond together in that first hour after a disaster to reduce injuries, protect your property and the environment, and most importantly, to save lives.

To learn more about the RYLAN program go to