COVID-19’s One Year Anniversary and Its Impact on Mental Health

Man with puzzle pieces detached from head.

March marked the one-year anniversary of LA County’s COVID-19 emergency declaration and the beginning of numerous health and safety measures to protect the County’s residents and communities.  With the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, this included supporting disaster response and recovery efforts, rapidly shifting to telehealth/telework, implementing safety protocols at our sites, and innovating ways to optimize care delivery while reducing COVID-19 transmission risk.

As LA City’s road to recovery continues, the pandemic’s mental health toll remains prevalent.  According to a recent KFF study, approximately 40 percent of adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depression in January 2021 – nearly four times the rate reported in early 2019.

Given COVID-19’s broad impact on wellbeing, it is vital to learn how to recognize signs of chronic distress, manage stress in healthy ways, and seek support when needed.  LACDMH has compiled a variety of information and resources to help support you as the County reopens, including:

We encourage you to explore, utilize, and share these and other resources on LACDMH’s website.  You can also get live support 24/7 through their Help Line at (800) 854-7771 or by texting ‘LA’ to 741741.