COVID-19 Winter Safety

Posted on 12/22/2021
Happy holidays from LA City Emergency Management Department

The City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department (EMD) wishes all City employees and your families a Happy Winter and Holiday season. The winter holidays are a time for joyous celebrations with family and friends, festive community events, and beloved traditions. Luckily, many holiday activities can be held outside, but there are still risks because of the level of COVID-19 spread in LA County. Here are some ideas on how to reduce your risk of COVID-19 while celebrating the winter holidays: 


Stay local until everyone in your household is fully vaccinated. A booster dose is a great way to get extra protection if you are 6 months out from your initial vaccine series and are age 16 and over. If you do choose to travel with unvaccinated family members, follow travel guidance. For those who are not fully vaccinated, this includes getting tested and completing quarantine before joining any holiday gatherings or celebrations.


Stay away if sick. If you are sick, have symptoms, or have a positive test, stay away from others. Don’t host or attend in-person parties or gatherings.


Get a COVID-19 viral test before joining with others as an added precaution. This is a good idea if you are gathering with people who are at high risk of severe illness from COVID, especially if you or others at the celebration are not fully vaccinated or have been in crowded indoor places in the past two weeks. For testing site locations, please visit:


Gather outdoors if possible. Outdoors is safer than indoors, especially when masks are off for eating and drinking. If you can, plan to have at least the meal and drinks outside. If outdoors isn’t possible or practical, improve the airflow indoors. Open windows and doors, use fans and portable air cleaners, run heating and air. Be sure to upgrade or replace filters (see CDPH fact sheet).


For more detailed information on how to reduce risk and celebrate safely, please see the attached Winter Holiday Guidance from our partner, the LA County Department of Public Health.