FLOOD AFTER FIRE: Information for residents in recent burn areas

Posted on 11/28/2018
Flood After Fire: Information for residents in recent burn areas

The LA City Emergency Management Department urges residents in recent burn areas to be aware of potential hazards in their area as heavy rains move into Los Angeles. The recent Creek, La Tuna, Skirball, and Woolsey fires have left some areas at higher risk of debris flows during heavy rains. Debris flows occur when excessive rainfall causes soil, vegetation, and other debris to run downhill. Debris flows can be dangerous, so it's important to be aware of your risk and take precautions to ensure your safety in recent burn areas.


Winter Weather Safety

  • Register with NotifyLA to receive emergency alerts specific to your geographic area via text, voice, or email message. Click here to sign up now. You can also follow @NotifyLA on Twitter for alerts.
  • Know your flood risk. Flood insurance is not included in most homeowners or rental insurance policies. Get insurance now to make sure you’re covered before the storm.
  • Look around your home for hazards that might create problems during rainstorms. Are trees overgrown and hanging onto your roof? Are your gutters cleared? Do you live on a hillside that could erode? Address these issues as soon as possible. Have tools, tarps, and sandbags ready. 
  • Secure loose items in your yard that might block storm drains and cause flooding on your street, including toys, tools, and yard décor. Call 3-1-1 or use the My311 mobile app to notify the City of debris that needs to be cleared.

How LA City Prepares

The City of Los Angeles is preparing recent burn areas for the potential of debris flows during winter storms. 

  • The Emergency Management Department actively monitors winter storms in coordination with the National Weather Service, Los Angeles Fire Department, LA City and LA County Public Works, Department of Transportation, and other response partners. We stand ready to assist and support field response agencies as they work to ensure your safety and the continued operation of City services. 
  • The Los Angeles Fire Department has ready-to-fill sandbags. These sandbags available at all Neighborhood Fire Stations. Please note that residents are welcomed to no more than 25 bags. LAFD also works very closely with the Bureau of Street Services to make sand available at several fire stations and convenient community locations. A list of locations with sand for sandbags is available at LAFD.org
  • LA City and County Public Works have inspected recent burn areas and determined which areas are at highest risk for potential debris flows. For more information on debris flows, including maps, safety information, and alerts, visit LA County Public Works website

Winter Weather Resources

LAFD Sandbag Information:  lafd.org/news/lafd-provides-sandbags-homeowners-2

LA County Sandbag Informationdpw.lacounty.gov/dsg/sandbags

LA Stormwaterlastormwater.org/take-action/prepare-for-wet-weather

LA City Sanitationlacitysan.org/wetweather

LA County Winter Shelter Programlahsa.org

EMD on Twittertwitter.com/readyla

NotifyLA on Twittertwitter.com/notifyla

LAFD on Twitter: twitter.com/lafd