World Tsunami Awareness - November 5

Posted on 11/03/2022
Photo of the damage done by a tsunami shows cars helf-submerged and building flooded.

Saturday, November 5, is World Tsunami Awareness Day!

Shows a signpost with the image of a wave, stating:TSUNAMI HAZARD AREA. in case or earthquake go to higher grounf

In 2015, the United Nations declared that each November 5th would be observed to serve as a reminder that when a tsunami strikes, everyone must be ready to get to high ground.
Tsunamis can be deadly, but they needn’t be. Early warning and prompt action are effective tools to protect people, save lives, and help prevent the hazard from becoming a disaster. 


Learn from videos of tsunami survivors' stories


Drawing of a large wave carrying a small house
Be sure to register your #TsunamiDay activities at The TsunamiZone -- to be included in your region's annual total number of participants.
The United Nations' Tsunami Day site has ways to inform, get involved, and share information about the day.
For tsunami maps and other educational resources, see California Conservation for the latest hazard information.
Finally, get a better sense of all the hazards Angelenos may face -- including tsunamis -- at LA Emergencies and Threats.