Getting Ready for Brush Fires

Firefighter in front of Large Forest Fire

Angelenos know a thing or two about brush fires. But are you ready for an above average fire season? 

The National Interagency Fire Center's Fire Potential Outlook for the summer indicates an above average fire risk for Southern California: 

Your Los Angeles Fire Department has tips on how to get yourself and your home prepared for fire season:

  • If you see smoke or fire in your area, immediately report it by dialing 9-1-1
  • Move combustible yard furniture away from the house or store it in the garage
  • Close all windows and doors around your home to prevent sparks from blowing inside
  • Keep the six “P’s” ready, in case an immediate evacuation is required:
    • People and pets
    • Papers, phone numbers, and important documents
    • Prescriptions, vitamins, and eyeglasses
    • Pictures and irreplaceable memorabilia
    • Personal computers (information on hard drive and disks)
    • “Plastic” (credit cards, ATM cards) and cash

For more information on brush clearance around properties, visit the LAFD's Fire Prevention page: