Get Prepared. Get Ready LA.

Individual & Family Readiness: Where will you be when disaster strikes? The City of Los Angeles is spread over 470 square miles and its terrain is subject to mudslides, brush fires, HazMat spills, earthquakes and tsunamis. Are you prepared if any of those disasters strike your neighborhood? Find out what can happen, and more importantly, what you can do about it using the document linked below.

Comprehensive Guide to Family and Home Preparedness 

Dependents and Those Disabilities and Access and Functional Needs: Emergencies and disasters are challenging enough for most of us. So what happens to people that have bigger challenges? Learn about helping  children, the elderly, people with disabilities and access and functional needs and view the guide for helping people with disabilities linked below.

To download the guide for Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities click here.

Business & Industry PreparednessThe safety and security of our citizens is our highest priority. However, emergencies and disasters continue to take a toll long after the smoke has cleared. Learn how to prepare your business and your employees to respond and recover from disasters. Visit for more information.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT): Take your preparedness to the next level. CERT training will teach you skills that can keep you and your family safe. Reinforce your preparedness and awareness.

Tsunami Preparedness: A tsunami is a series of waves, usually caused by an earthquake. The first wave may not be the largest and the timing between them may vary from minutes to several hours apart. In Los Angeles, the impact of a tsunami will vary based on the terrain. Learn more here:

Homeland Security: Motivated by the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, the government has enhanced domestic security by combining and streamlining several protection agencies into the Department of Homeland Security. Visit DHS to learn more about what's being done at the national level to keep us safe.